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by | 26th, November 2003

‘YOU have to feel sorry for the Queen – she spent Monday night in Edinburgh watching the likes of Busted, Westlife and Luciano Pavarotti at the Royal Variety Performance when she would far rather have been catching up on events in Albert Square.

Rachel tried hard to shake her clean-cut image

We are the lucky ones – we can see a two-hour highlights package of the event tonight and don’t have to miss a minute of our favourite soap, even if like Her Maj we also have to be subjected to Rachel Stevens’ bondage routine.

Let’s be honest – Rachel may be quite pretty, but hearing her debut single Sweet Dreams My LA Ex is about as exciting as listening to paint dry and we very much doubt her new effort Funky Dory is going to be much better.

Which is no doubt where the whips and chains come in. We’re sure, however, the Queen (who is known to own a few dungeons of her own) would approve.’

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