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Driving Miss Jessie

by | 27th, November 2003

‘AS a copper, you know you may have taken one too many sickies when even the police start questioning your commitment to the job.

‘And it’s got three different speeds…’

That’s why PC Dave Morgan, fiancĂ© of EastEnder Jessie Wallace, is this morning just plain old Dave Morgan, fiancĂ© of EastEnder Jessie Wallace.

The 28-year-old resigned from the Essex force this week – just as he was about to be quizzed over claims he had not worked enough hours at the Chelmsford nick.

‘His decision to quit means he avoids an embarrassing disciplinary probe into alleged skiving,’ the Sun says.

But just how many sickies does a copper have to take to be considered a skiver by his fellow officers?

Most policemen seem to spend at least three months every year off sick, normally suffering from the stress of actually having made an arrest.

But the stress in Morgan’s life seemed to arise from trying to fit his policing duties around late-night partying with TV’s Kat Slater.

A source close to Dave, who used to work as a fireman before joining the police, says he will probably now become his fiancee’s full-time driver.

That’s a relationship stuck in fifth gear and heading straight for the rocks, then…’

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