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by | 27th, November 2003

‘MORE foreign news now as the Guardian reveals that more of us choose Spain as a holiday destination than anywhere else.

One of only 15 wild haggis left in Scotland

Iraq and Afghanistan fail to make it onto the Top 10 tourist targets, and both are thought to be losing popularity with Brits abroad.

But France is resolutely in second place on the list, ahead of the Irish Republic, America, Greece, Italy, Germany, Holland, Belgium and Portugal.

The popularity of trips overseas means that, in percentage terms, fewer of us than ever are holidaying at home. For every £1 spent by Europeans in Britain, Brits spend over £3 in Europe.

But, thankfully, our special relationship with America means that we are their favoured destination, and, on average, a US resident spends £674 a visit to the United Kingdom.

While here they bathe on our sun-kissed beaches, eat our delicious food and go hunting in the Scottish Highlands for wild haggis.

Well, not all of them. At least one in every million American is a vegetarian, and two thirds forget to bring their guns on holiday.

Which leaves a third of all our American visitors to hunt for what they believe to be a native animal.

However, while 33% of Americans want a haggis, only 23% actually believe they can catch one – something to do with being unable to run and levels of obesity…’

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