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We’ll Always Have Paris

by | 29th, November 2003

‘LET’S deal with the quality issue first – is Paris Hilton’s sex tape hotter than Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s honeymoon video?

Last Man Goo In Paris star meets her fans

The jury is still out, according to the National Enquirer (which takes a keen – and very professional – interest in these things).

Pammy and then husband Tommy Lee were, it reminds us, “the hottest couple on the planet” when their home video became public in 1997.

The “snippets of the sex acts” between the Baywatch babe and the Motley Crue drummer quickly became the best-selling adult film of all time.

“But that’s all yesterday’s news,” the magazine says, “now that hotel heiress Paris, 22, bares all in her version of sex, sighs and videotape.”

While Pam languishes at No.8 on Internet search engine Lycos’s Top 50 search terms, Paris is the undisputed No.1.

[At the time of writing, Pam had actually overtaken NFL and The Matrix to seize the No.5 spot and was closing in fast on Britney Spears and Christmas.]

Naturally, the Enquirer hasn’t seen the tape, basing its reports on the content purely on details gleaned from “insiders who have seen it”.

“Besides a number of acts normally performed between consenting adults, including oral sex,” it says, “there are a number of amazing moments on the red hot vid.”

These amazing moments include a phone ringing and, er, that’s about it.

But if there is debate about the quality of the respective performances, what about the quantity of the leading ladies’ output?

As well as her honeymoon video with Tommy Lee, Pam also “performed” in an intimate sex video with rocker Brett Michaels.

However, the Enquirer claims that “if the whispers are true, the Hilton sex tape could have more sequels than Star Wars”.

Technically, of course, that is only two – but a friend of Paris’s co-star Rick Salomon claims that there is a whole catalogue of tapes featuring the couple, while there are reports of an all-girl tape starring Paris, Playboy Playmate Nicole Lenz “and a passel of sex toys”.

If you ever wondered what the collective name for sex toys was, you now know.’

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