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Ben There, Done That

by | 29th, November 2003

‘WHILE Paris reigns supreme at the top of The Lycos 50, Jennifer Lopez is currently languishing in 29th place, fully 25 rungs in fame’s ladder beneath Britney Spears.

‘Stop looking at my ass!’

But it is not their respective positions in the hearts of teenaged boys with an overdeveloped wrist from hours of, er, Internet surfing that has angered J-Lo this week, but Britney’s remarks about her Ben.

Britney’s heinous crime was to confess recently on a US TV news show that she thought Ben Affleck was “cute”.

Not such a controversial remark you may have thought. After all, she didn’t say that she thought he was a good actor or even that Gigli was anything other than a terrible movie.

But, ever quick to stir up trouble, the Enquirer suggests that it now knows who our Brit is thinking about when she sings her new song, Touch Of My Hand.

That may be an image to cause thousands of teenaged boys to reach for the Kleenex, but it is not one that gives Ms Lopez any pleasure.

“How dare she!” Jen apparently raged to a friend shortly after the interview was aired.

And the friend reports that the 33-year-old diva was “very upset and crying”.

“She just kept saying, ‘How dare she! On national television. Where’s her respect? She knows Ben’s with me?”

But is Ben with Jen? The Enquirer says the couple have been bickering for months over the question of marriage and Ben is suffering from “an extended case of cold feet”.

And neighbours reported seeing truckloads of J-Lo’s clothes being transported from Ben’s Georgia estate to her 11-bedroom mansion in Miami.

However, seasoned J-Lo observers reckon that with only three 40-ton trucks in action, she was probably just nipping home for the weekend.’

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