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Poles Apart

by | 29th, November 2003

‘FOR those who can afford medical insurance, the American health system is light years ahead of its British counterpart.

Britain’s very own George Clooney poses with bedpan enthusiasts Betty and Hilda

One need only look at the respective casts of ER and Casualty to understand that.

But confirmation, if confirmation were needed, comes in this week’s National Enquirer, which reports on the quality of after-care hospitals.

“Christian Slater Goes From Hospital To Vegas Strip Club,” reports the magazine, claiming that the actor was ordering booze and ogling dancers just minutes after receiving nine stitches in an ear wound.

It is the kind of service that NHS patients can only dream about, although as anyone who has spent time in casualty on a Friday night will attest, the pre-care entertainment in Britain is still hard to rival.’

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