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You’ll Always Watch Alone

by | 1st, December 2003

‘WHEN Jimmy Corkhill delivered his appalling speech on the last episode of Brookside we didn’t bother watching.

Merseybeat – sponsored by Michelin

But, apparently, someone did take a look, and the rant – aimed at everyone and listened to by no-one – was full of self-pity and even more self-importance. Our source assures us that it was a blessed relief when Jimmy finally walked off set.

The heady days of the 1980s when Brooky was genuinely entertaining and gripping, offering a bitter-sweet slice-of-life to the mainstream, were long behind it.

But just as we were ignoring Brookside, the BBC was endeavouring to keep the Liverpool theme alive in Merseybeat.

For those who have not seen the BBC1 show, the similarity to Brookside is uncanny. 1) Both are set in Merseyside. 2) Both are so bad that calling them terrible sounds like a compliment. 3) John McArdel moved to Merseybest after playing Bobby Cockhill, Jimmy’s brother, in Brookside.

Merseybeat’s Newton Park station is full of the type of Scouse losers so unloved on Brookside. You half expect sad Jimmy Corkhill to walk thought the doors any minute, gibbering to Inspector Charlie Eden (Leslie Ash) about how unfair life is.’

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