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Day Dreaming

by | 1st, December 2003

‘WHEN OK! started, Jennifer Lopez was just a girl with a big bottom and a dream in her heart.

‘When I say stop, stop clapping’

Today, the bum’s still there and the dream has become so much diamond, taffeta and Ben Affleck. But what next?

Will there be children? “I don’t know,” says she. But what about that diva thing? “The diva thing is the thing that has been attached to me that I think is the most untrue.”

So you’re not a diva? “I think people like to create this kind of persona, an image thing around you because it’s entertaining.”

The real Jennifer, J-Lo, Jenny From The Block, Her Highness, is far removed from the image, says she. People who work with her and meet her know the real girl.

The rest of us have to put up with what we are told. For instance, Jennifer tells us: “Right now I think to myself, I haven’t sat down in front of a beach…and reached up like I could touch the sky.

“You know I used to do things like that, you know, kind of pontificate on the world, and do like crazy artist things like that.”

Crazy ways. Crazy girl. Or not.’

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