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Blair’s Dive Pass

by | 2nd, December 2003

‘IF sports minister Richard Caborn had to fly back from Australia for a Commons vote on hospitals and so miss the Rugby World Cup final, then he was doing nothing the Prime Minister wouldn’t have done himself.

”And where did you finish in the World Cup?”

In fact, the Times reports that Tony Blair is selflessly missing the end of the Commonwealth summit in Nigeria so he can get back to the UK for some urgent business.

He will be absent from the close of session and the formal press conference, which any seasoned CHOGM observer will tell you is the most fun part of the whole event.

Instead, the poor man will rush back to Blighty to fulfil what Downing Street calls ”personal commitments” on Monday.

These commitments clearly not involving a member of the medical profession (because Our Tony is in rare good health), we can only suggest that they have something to do with the victorious England rugby team’s parade through the streets of London.

In fact, we notice from our beloved leader’s diary that he is due to meet Martin Johnson, Jonny Wilkinson et al at No.10 just as the final communiqué from the Commonwealth meeting is announced.

You don’t have to be Alistair Campbell to realise that a photo op with a winning sports team might work better than the a line-up besides 50 odd leaders, many of whom wouldn’t get through the criminal records check – whether it cost £33 or £33m.’

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