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An Eye For An Eye

by | 3rd, December 2003

‘EAMONN Holmes, the portly Terry Wogan impersonator, rarely occupies our thoughts. But today he’s in the Mirror in conversation with David Blaine.

”I spy with my little hand…”

The picture of the pair’s meeting has Holmes showing Blaine the palm of his left hand on which an eye has been drawn in black ink.

This, as the paper tells us, is Holmes’ revenge on what he calls his ”worst nightmare”.

It occurred two years ago when the couple met and Blaine answered questions by showing his own eye and barely speaking.

As nightmares go it’s not all that terrifying, and when starved of food, Blaine may well have experienced hallucinations far more horrific.

One thing we know that Blaine did see was a couple having sex in an office.

”The crowd were bizarre,” says Blaine of his time in that famous Perspex box. ”I would see a couple in business suits having sex in front of me. It was so bizarre.”

He also reports seeing women baring their breast, eggs being hurled and ageing rocker Paul McCartney hurling abuse at him in the small hours.

But even in his darkest moments he never saw Brooklyn Beckham playing a shepherd.’

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