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A Brum Steer

by | 3rd, December 2003

‘BIRMINGHAM, as we know, has many attractions – there is the M5 that allows you to escape to the South West, the M6 to the North West and South East, the M42 to the North East…

”You can see Dudley from ‘ere”

And since last month it has had a giant 197ft Ferris wheel, which was brought over from Paris on 23 lorries and erected in the city’s Centenary Square.

The attraction, says the Times, has proved a roaring success, with 24,000 visitors paying £5 each to go on a 15-minute ride and listen to the commentary.

”A gauche, on peut voir le Tour Eiffel…”

Sorry, wrong commentary.

”A droite, l’Arc de Triomphe…”

The paper says technical difficulties mean that it has not yet been possible to replace the existing French commentary with a Brummie version.

And with the wheel due to be dismantled in January, World Tourist Attractions (which runs the ride) says it has decided not to bother.

”In fact, we have had such a good response from people that we will keep the French commentary,” a spokesman said. ”People enjoy knowing what you could see from the wheel last year.”

Not everyone is so impressed, with councillor Ian Ward suggesting that it was ”disappointing as there are so many great things to say about our city”.

”To the left, you can just about see the M5 southbound…”’

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