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Turkey Shoot

by | 5th, December 2003

‘BEING near to the action is something we Brits are well used to. Not so long ago, we were a mere 45 minutes away from being annihilated by an Iraqi missile.

”Have you met Jeb?”

But that danger passed and thanks to George Bush and Tony Blair we now live is freer times.

And to illustrate how much safer things have gotten, the Express says that British troops in Iraq are protecting their vehicles with chicken wire.

While mums drop their little loves off in massive 4x4s with bullbars and anti-grenade paint, our brave beret-wearing boys are out there in what look like converted Nissan Micras covered in gauze.

It’ll certainly put the locals at ease and make then feel more able to approach our soldiers.

And this open-arms policy to warfare is rubbing off on our American allies.

Why, only recently, the Mail reminds us, George Bush was in the desert armed with nothing more than a Thanksgiving meal.

Sadly, the paper now tells us that the meal was something of a fraud, and the turkey was made not of traditional meat – white and dark – but of plastic.

As soon as the cameras were turned off, the bird was whisked away and soldiers chowed down on prepackaged meals of sliced turkey and vegetables from paper plates.

The plastic turkey has returned home – while the flesh-and-bone version continues his battle for peace in our time…’

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