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by | 5th, December 2003

‘IT gives us no pleasure to tell you that in these tough economic times even we are not averse to selling out.

Scarf – £10:99; V-neck sweater – £65:49; Bag…”

And there now follows a short passage in which a well known celebrity known only as ‘MD’ would like to tell ‘CZJ’ that she should “Not get the milk, honey”.

Hey, don’t be too critical of us – you’d have printed the same and probably much worse for the £100,000 that advert earned.

You might like to know that we were less than happy to reprint the full missive from Jemima Khan, thus forcing her to seek alternative organs through which she could tell the world about her love for her husband, Imran Khan.

The advert, which appeared in some elements of the Pakistani press, both Urdu and English, has been seen and reprinted by the Mail.

Under the headline “Jemima Clarifies”, the blonde one writes: “Whilst it is true that I am currently studying for a Masters degree at the School Of Oriental And African Studies in London, it is certainly not true to say that Imran and I are having difficulties in our marriage.”

She calls the rumours about her relationship “spiteful” and says that – God willing – she will one day be reunited with her beloved. That’s nice.

But we’ve just had the more important – and better paid – news that CZJ has already got the milk and now wonders: “What sugar, grandpa bear?”

Read what happens in next week’s Anorak advertorial. (Prices on application.)’

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