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Blowing Hot And Cold

by | 5th, December 2003

‘WHAT would Monica Lewinsky have been had Bill Clinton not dropped a paperclip under his office desk six years ago?

”I also take dictation”

It’s an interesting question, leading to a drawer full of maybes and what ifs.

While we wonder if Monica would have become famous, thin or perhaps even blonde without Bill’s intervention, she asks herself the same question.

And the answer she finds is that without Bill she would have fulfilled her dream of starting a family while she was still young, rather than nearly breaking one up.

Now aged 30, Monica even claims that she has difficulty getting dates.

“If I were a guy and I heard all this about a girl,” she tells GQ magazine, with the Enquirer’s ears flapping like Linda Tripp hanging on a cross line, ”I don’t know that I’d want to take her out.”

No, you’d want to take her to work and drop paperclips under your desk.

“I was one of those girls who hoped to be married by 24 and popping out kids by 26.”

But it was not to be. And now Monica is single and living, as the Enquirer puts it, the life of “just another career girl searching for romance”.

And for paperclips under the desk.’

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