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A Torch Carrier

by | 8th, December 2003

‘THERE was a time when David and Victoria would barely utter a word unless it was into the tape recorder of the omnipresent OK! journalist.

”You look like you’ve swallowed a cockatoo”

In those bygone days, Britain’s favourite celebrity magazine was very much the Beckhams’ in-house rag as the golden couple lived every minute of every day in the viewfinder of the OK! photographer.

But fame and friendship are fickle things and it is with great sadness that these days we see OK! on the other side of the rope line and relegated to the same status as all the other papers and magazines.

Even more tragic is the fact that OK! clearly still holds a torch for the couple that used it as they climbed up the celebrity ranks and then spurned it.

Like the childhood sweetheart who is cruelly dumped as soon as their lover make those first steps on the road to fame and fortune, OK! is left to watch and wonder what might have been.

Where once the Beckhams would have happily granted OK! exclusive access into Buckingham Palace to see David get presented with an OBE by the Queen, now they prefer to do their talking on Parkinson.

And with a tub of chocolate ice-cream on its lap and a packet of 20 Marlboro Lights by its side, OK! tunes in to listen to Victoria tell Parky how much she loves her husband and her two sons.

What about more children, asks the veteran interviewer (who, as we know, modelled his interrogatory technique on OK!).

“I’d love to,” says Victoria. “We have a fabulous long dining room table at home and we want to fill it.”

Of course, they could just buy a smaller table…’

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