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Carry Me Home

by | 9th, December 2003

‘COMMISERATATIONS to the people on the bus behind yesterday’s Sweet Chariot service from Marble Arch.

The bus queue at Marble Arch was getting longer by the minute

The one-mile journey that should have taken just an hour was held up due to unforeseen circumstances (England winning a sporting event) and took the better part of three.

Of course, if passengers on the delayed Number 73 had taken the Tube they’d most likely still be down there, feeling their way though the tunnels like the Viet Cong.

But never fear, intrepid traveller, things are about to get better. And the first people they will get better for are the companies that run the public transport services.

The Telegraph says that next month rail fares will rise by three times the rate of inflation.

This 9% hike will effectively mean that passengers will become stakeholders in the rail network.

Each inch of track will be engraved with a passenger’s name, fostering a sense of pride and community in what is now a depleted and fractured system.

Not for nothing does the Guardian call the rises ”eye-watering”, as they must surely make all but the most stoic commuter swell with a sense of pride.’

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