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Howard’s Way

by | 9th, December 2003

‘ALL this talk of overweight children, drugs and greed provides a neat link to the country that pretty much invented the unholy trinity: America.

Rebel with a cause?

Thinking big has long been the American way and the Telegraph learns that Howard Dean is thinking very big – he wants to be the country’s next President.

Before reaching his goal, the man profiled in the Telegraph will have to become the official Democrat challenger and then defeat George Bush, his brother Jeb and so many hanging chads.

But the paper says his campaign is set to receive the backing of Al Gore, the man who won the popular vote last time round but lost the election.

This is seen as a good things by Dean’s advisors, although what with Gore’s reputation as an able No.2 and one of the most famous political losers of all time, having his name on your team might be a double-edged sword.

The name Dean must surely covet is that of Clinton.

But if Hillary decides to run for the Democratic nomination, as the Independent thinks she might, it’d take a brave Bill to go against her.’

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