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by | 9th, December 2003

‘GIVEN the ubiquity of American-made sitcoms – at least the good ones – on Channel 4, the roots of Bedsitcom are founded in quicksand.

”And I’m not in it”

The producers have decided against setting the entire thing in an apartment in New York, Seattle or Boston and have decided in their wisdom to locate the show in a London loft-style flat.

Yeah, a flat. It’s a world British-based sitcoms are well used to, it being how the audience routinely feel after an episode of Two Pints Of Something Gassy and Gimme Gimme Gimme A Gun – Now!

This reality sitcom (hurry with that gun!) follows the lives of six loft dwellers, three of whom are – unbeknown to the other three – actors.

To add to this mess, the actors have their lines written for them; the wannabes adlib.

Fans of Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm know how well that formula can work. The mix of the scripted and not has its many pluses.

But Curb has Larry David, while Bedsitcom has the people it has. That’s a problem – although being unfunny has not stopped other sitcoms being smash hits.

All you need is a café and a New York skyline. Bedsitcom has neither.’

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