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For Whom The Road Tolls

by | 10th, December 2003

‘A COUPLE of days ago, we observed that if it wasn’t for the unsung army of undercover journalists performing vital service in all walks of public life, the country would fall apart.

The Wapping Expressway

Well, today we again salute the papers for their selfless contribution to the Treasury’s coffers.

Rupert Murdoch may not have paid a penny in tax in Britain, despite the billions he has made out of its citizens, but he is happy to contribute in other ways.

Yesterday, for instance, the Sun’s motoring editor Ken Gibson parted with £2 of Murdoch’s millions to drive along the 27 miles of Britain’s first toll road.

And it was ”motorway heaven”, with barely another car in sight.

The only thing Ken had to worry about was not crashing into Mirror reporter Rod Chaytor, who was also rediscovering the joys of motorway driving ”for around the price of a pint”.

Of course, Rod would never have a pint before climbing into his car, otherwise he might have careered into the Mail’s Beth Hale or the Express’s Tom Morgan…’

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