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Having A Ball

by | 10th, December 2003

‘GIVEN the heritage of the Australian people, the chances of retrieving the rugby ball Jonny Wilkinson struck between the posts to win the day for England are slim.

”Analyse that!”

The Times tells us that there were five balls used in the rugby World Cup final, of which four are now owned by Australians lucky enough to win a ballot.

Already one ball is being offered for sale over the Internet, where it has been attracting bids close to £5,000.

However, the missing ball, worth an estimated £100,000, has not appeared – although with a six-figure price tag it must do soon.

But how to tell if it is the real deal – one egg-shaped ball looks very much the any other?

Well, would-be fraudsters beware because the ”Jonny ball” will be taken away for a process called flexure and wear analysis.

It seems that each time the ball is kicked it flexes and sustains a small, indelible but calculable amount of damage.

A forensic scientist says that by comparing the damage to a video of the game it is possible to tell how often the ball was used.

That’s good as far as it goes. But what is the ”further analysis” he mentions that will identify the actual winning ball?

Perhaps it’s based on the teeth marks when it flew into a gaping Australian mouth…’

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