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Nativity Play

by | 10th, December 2003

‘SARAH Lou and Todd are really getting into the spirit of Christmas. Unfortunately they’re not tucking into turkey and lashing out on presents: Sarah Lou is pregnant and penniless.

”Have you nicked my Busted CD?”

If she chooses to keep the baby, she may well be living in a manger. Todd is delighted that he’s going to be a father but that’s more to do with the fact that he thinks it proves he’s not gay (because that worked so well for Oscar Wilde, didn’t it?)

On hearing the news, Gail stormed round the flat and tried to persuade Sarah to get rid of it. “Put yerself and Bethany first for once,” she urged. Sarah will have more to worry about soon, as granny Brenda is getting progressively madder.

Rumour has it that she ends up on a church roof with Bethany on Christmas Day. Well that’s one way to get closer to God.

Sarah Lou’s pregnancy has also caused Martin and Katy to split up. David and Craig have set out to wreck their relationship and for a pair of 12-year-old boys, they’ve done a remarkably good job.

David has managed to ensure that Katy saw Gail and Martin together as much as possible. He ran round to their flat and dragged Martin over the road, telling him that his mum was in tears and needed him.

Martin grabbed the eternal cardie and ran straight over the road, leaving Katy, understandably miffed as he’d promised her a top night out: probably a Busted concert.

Katy went storming round to Gail’s. “It’s over,” she screamed at Martin. “I’m going back to my mum’s,” she said before stropping off and gathering up her schoolbooks and Sindy dolls.

“She’s got a lot of growing up to do,” remarked Martin. Really? Who’d have thought a 17-year-old had some growing up to do?

Maria and Candice have had a teenage falling out too. Nick has decided that Candice isn’t the right girl for him and dumped her. Which is bad enough but he’s now dating her flatmate Maria.

Some of you may remember that Nick and Maria ran off to Canada together a year or so ago. But a year is a long, long time in Soap World.

“Are you sure she’s the one Nick?” worried Gail. “Remember what happened last time?” Nick, bless him, hasn’t been gifted with a lot upstairs. I’d be surprised if he can remember what happened that morning.

When Candice discovered that her ex boyfriend was dating her supposed best mate she smacked Maria in the face, wiping off her self-satisfied smirk.

“Thanks Candice,” muttered Nick. “You’ve just confirmed for me that I’ve made the right choice.” Indeed – he’s finally found someone that’s as big a girl as he is.’

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