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Send Them (Back)Packing

by | 11th, December 2003

‘EVER since Jonny Wilkinson cocked his leg and let fly, the Australians have been working on ways to enact their terrible revenge.

We’ll send him back…

And now we find it in the Telegraph.

News is that the highest court in all of Oz has ruled that the country’s long-term British residents who commit a crime in their fair land can be deported back to the mother country.

This is viewed as a reversal of the trend that saw so much of Britain’s dross make its way to the land Down Under.

And the move is more than just a winding back of the clock to 215 years ago when the last boatload of criminals arrived in Botany Bay.

The legislation removes one of the special privileges the British enjoy in Australia. For immigration purposes, we are now all classed as ”aliens”.

Meanwhile, the Australians who live have also been reclassified and will now be referred to as bar staff, backpackers or Rolf Harris.’

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