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Say Cheese

by | 11th, December 2003

‘NEIL ‘Foxy’ Fox, the rhomboid-faced panellist on TV’s Pop Idol, has done well in showbiz.

”We’ll give you 10 and then free the hounds”

Having the perfect profile for radio has enabled him to, as he says early on in the piece, win all the accolades you can, live in a big house and drive a Harley Davison motorbike.

He also has a son called Jack.

Thus with all the accoutrements of a celebrity life to hand, Foxy invites us to take a look at his life and hear about the things he’s bought.

He’s got a Ferrari or two, a helicopter, a beige suit, a pair of brown brogues and a dining-room table with lots of lit candles on it.

But it’s the cheese board that really gets us excited. After all, Foxy is renowned for his lines in cheese.

The pungent ”I’ve met the girl I’m going to marry” vies for attention with the ripe and fruity ”We were both crying now” (where he asks his wife Vicky to marry him).

There are little lumps of what look like spittle but are revealed to be the delicacies of ”I’m the bloke who…”, ”My dad ”worked hard and played hard” and it’s hard ”having kids and two full-time careers”.

But not as hard as some other cheeses we could mention…’

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