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Porn Again Christian

by | 11th, December 2003

‘IF only Songs Of Praise were as much fun. German priest Frithjof Schwesig has felt the wrath of his congregation after it emerged that a video he had sent out about God’s message at Christmas in fact contained hardcore porn.

The video was sent out to 300 people in the German town of Lampoldshausen as a way of spreading the word to those who didn’t enjoy reading.

But it wasn’t just the word that was spread by the sound of it – and, when he realised his mistake, a red-faced vicar and his helpers had to rush round the village collecting the offending tapes.

Father Schwesig blamed a mix-up in the copying factory in Munich, saying that only half a dozen people actually saw the film.

”The project has received enormous publicity through the mix-up – even if that wasn’t the original idea,” he said.

“God moves in mysterious ways, and best of all, the people who ordered the porn now have our religious films about Jesus in their video recorders.”

We bet they’re thrilled.’

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