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A Good Deed

by | 11th, December 2003

‘WE’VE had the cops, the lawyers and in Quincy we even had an autopsy or two. And of course we’ve had villains by the ton.

Man behaving badly

And now we’ve got the judiciary in the shape of Judge John Deed, taking over when Crown Court limped away.

First and second time round, your reviewer hated this show. Deed, played by Martin Shaw, pouted to such an extent that you thought he’d done a Leslie Ash.

He simpered, He posed. He puffed up his chest. He flounced. He grated. He begged to be turned off lest he turn himself on anymore and actually explode on TV.

But things have shifted. The pout is still there but now the plot has noticed it. Deed is a womaniser, a poser and a pouter. He’s got a psychotherapist with whom he talks over these things.

And now we like him. His flaws are visible to all. We want him to win, to beat the sycophants and Machiavellian pragmatists who prowl the courtrooms.

And last week we even saw that he is no Leslie Ash, since she appeared in his court on a charge of murder. Deed soon found her out – he can spot a real pout from a fake one at a hundred paces…’

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