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We’re No Squares

by | 12th, December 2003

‘HOW soon we forget! Just a few years back, we the people made our feelings heard and demanded that an effigy of Princess Diana Of The Immaculate Dress And Shoes be placed on the empty plinth at one corner of Trafalgar Square.

”It’s crap”

Now, as the Telegraph says, the six new proposals to occupy the vacant lot make no mention of the good lady.

Instead we get a 15ft-tall group of 10 demonstrators carrying “No War” banners; a 21-storey “hotel for birds”; two full-size replicas of Tomahawk cruise missiles; two skyscrapers made of Erector (the American answer to Meccano); and a self-statue of a pregnant disabled woman.

All very worthy and very interchangeable.

But the star of the show is revealed in the Guardian to be a car covered in fake bird poo.

The artist behind this wonderful cutting-edge work – entitled “This One’s for the Pigeons (Oi! Pigeons, Over Here!)” – is Sarah Lucas. Ms Lucas hopes that the artwork will “organically develop”.

We dare say it will. But we now submit our own entry, the ‘living’ piece we call “Bronco Pete”.

And better than Ms Lucas’s work, Pete assures us that the poo on his clothes is both real and of his own making…’

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