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Needs Locking Up

by | 14th, December 2003

‘IT’S Christmas time. So, obviously in Eastenders it’s time for another horrific rape storyline. And for good measure, the producers thought it would be a jolly jape for the victim to be Little Mo again and – here’s the killer: on her birthday.

Cheer up – worse things happen in E20

There’s no denying that Little Mo can do her stuff when it comes to scenes of painful, haunting trauma but she’s done her time – and so have we.

“It’s me,” she sobbed to Kate. “There must be something about me that makes it happen.” There is indeed – Little Mo is one of the few people who can actually act in Eastenders, which must be why she gets such powerful storylines.

Little Mo had been left in charge of The Vic for the first time and crossword fanatic/stalker Graham had offered to help her lock up.

Graham has been lurking in The Vic for several weeks: buying her roses and doing crosswords. It was clear from the start that his intentions to her weren’t honourable – how many right-minded people would ask Little Mo for help with crossword clues?

Billy was worried about Graham’s attentions to his wife but Mo assured him that he was just being friendly. Unfortunately for Mo, her judgement in friends is as bad as her judgement in husbands.

As Mo was locking up the Vic, Graham leapt out of the shadows and raped her. Thankfully, we were spared the gory details and the next episode opened with Mo staggering out of the Vic and bumping into Kate.

Kate insisted Mo go home with her for a drink and soon the whole sorry story came tumbling out. And would you believe it! It turns out that Kate’s mother was raped when Kate was a child.

Is there no-one in Walford who has lead anything like a happy life? Forget Sierra Leone – Walford must be the toughest place to live in the world.

Mo was adamant that she wouldn’t go to the police or tell anyone else. “You’ll be amazed what I can keep hidden,” she told Kate.

Mo will struggle to keep this horrific secret to herself as it turns out that she’s pregnant.

On a happier note, it’s been revealed that Phil Mitchell is set to leave The Square for at least a year to try his hand at other acting projects. I didn’t know that Butlins hired in the winter.

More good news is that Kat and Alfie’s wedding may not actually take place on Christmas Day. Alfie’s not so ex wife Lisa turned up at The Vic to casually inform him that they’re still technically married.

Alfie is keeping this information to himself while he desperately tries to get divorced in two weeks. If he can’t sort it then instead of a wedding day, there’ll be a funeral on Christmas Day in Eastenders – which would be far more apt for those merchants of misery.’

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