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A Badly Made Bedsit

by | 15th, December 2003

‘BY now, tens of you are glued to the goings on in Bedsitcom.The experimental TV show is sharpening the cutting edges of the leading edges. Its edginess and sexiness are breaking down walls and asking questions of a moribund TV industry.

The rest of you, millions in number, have either not bothered to watch it, fearing that it is awful, or watched it, and now know for sure that it is terrible.

It is terrible.

So bad is it that even the trick – three of the “actors” in the supposedly amateur cast were “real” actors – has gone: they were forced to come clean when their acting let them down.

What this says about the acting ability of those actors is not complimentary. But serving to make them look capable are the scriptwriters.

Their latest ploy, as seen tonight, is to write a scene in which one of the actors tells one of the bedsit amateurs that he likes wearing panties.

“Much hilarity and mayhem ensure.”

Well, that’s what is says on the script…’

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