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by | 15th, December 2003

‘WHEN you peer though the phalanx of minders around Prince William, you soon realise that “he’s only human”.

William is no small geyser

The robotic eyes and ears are a myth born of jealousy and made up to hurt.

The real William, as shown in the Express, does all the normal student things while at St Andrews University.

This is especially true if normal is not lying in bed all day and never washing, but practicing your golf swing and buying sweets.

He also claims, in what is the first official meet-and-greet since he began his course in geography at college two years ago, that “I’m studying”.

William is certainly a cut above the normal dross and dole-dodgers that make up student halls. This boy, geography degree or no geography degree, knows where he’s at and where he’s going.

But you’re itching to know what sweets a young Prince goes for. Will it be the Kit Kat Chunky, the packet of Rolos or what about the Twix?

Well, the Sun puts you and us out of our misery by revealing that the Prince’s choice of sweetened snacks for 2003 are (drum roll, if you please) Maltesers and Milky Way.

This is one boy, who like his confectionary, is out of this world…’

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