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Julia Roberts: An Apology

by | 15th, December 2003

‘WE would like to apologise to actress Julia Roberts if in the past we have in any way implied that she was responsible for the break-up of husband Danny Moder’s first marriage.

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We now recognise that Miss Roberts’ relationship with Mr Moder was entirely platonic right up to their wedding night, on which occasion Miss Roberts was virgo intacta.

Just as she was on her first wedding night to Lyle Lovett – and just as she would have been on any of the wedding nights she might have shared with the many men to whom she has been engaged.

We also happily acknowledge that the $150,000 Miss Roberts was rumoured to have offered Mr Moder’s first wife Vera was not, as stated, to try to persuade her to agree to a quick divorce but actually to pay for marriage counselling for the first Mr and Mrs Moder.

We are happy to state categorically as true that Miss Roberts and Miss Moder shared no more than a handshake and a café macchiato on the set of the film The Mexican (where they met).

We reject unconditionally any suggestion that the ink was not dry on the divorce papers of the first Mr and Mrs Moder before Miss Roberts became the second Mrs Moder.

In connection with the above, we also acknowledge as false any suggestion that Mr Moder may have used quick-drying ink on his divorce papers or that he may have employed a hair drier for the same purpose.

We are happy to accept all this because that is what Miss Roberts tells Oprah Winfrey in an interview for her magazine O.

And we count as scurrilous the comments attributed to an “insider” by the notoriously unreliable National Enquirer magazine to the effect that Miss Roberts is “a husband-stealing vamp”.’

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