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Aniston – And On And Off

by | 15th, December 2003

‘FRIENDS star Jennifer Aniston is said to be “heartbroken” after learning that her beloved dad John will soon become the victim of the serial killer who is terrorising Salem.

”It’s the Pitts”

As indeed she might be. It is always hard to lose a parent to a serial killer, but it is doubly so when you know it is going to happen and there is nothing that you can do about it.

There is little you can say to comfort someone at a time like this but, on a positive note, we can offer the consolation that at least we’re only talking about TV soap Days Of Our Lives here.

And, this being a good daytime US soap, the producers should be able to manage to drag the plotline out for another few years yet, at the end of which it’s always possible that it will all have been a dream anyway.

But this, we agree, is small consolation to Jennifer, who has saved her dad from the axe once before.

“Her dad being dumped is a tragedy,” a source tells the Enquirer – and, for once, we cannot disagree.

“Jen probably hoped he’d have the Days role for life. But now, he has to go job-hunting at age 66.”

Or of course he could retire and eke out a miserable existence from the millions of dollars he has earned during 18 years on the show.

And, if he’s ever short, we’re sure his daughter would always lend him a few bob to tide him through…’

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