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Organ Peddle

by | 16th, December 2003

‘AS you carve the seasonal bird, take care with those giblets. Today we launch our Anorak donor campaign and want you to help those less fortunate.

”Psst. Lend us a kidney, love. I’m nipping down the shops”

We want you to place the giblets in a cool bag and send them to your local organ dealership.

According to the Express, there’s a shortage of donors and even the tiniest quail’s ear can help someone live a better life.

This appeal is for everyone and anyone, including George Best.

Indeed, George should give more than most since he has already been the lucky recipient of an organ, albeit a human liver.

And, if Mr Derek Manas, a kidney and liver specialist, is to be believed, it is because of Best that our appeal now goes out.

”Sadly Best has not proved himself to be very good role mode,” says Manas in the Express, ”and his very high profile drinking has made people lose faith in transplantation.”

The surgeon claims that many families that might have given up the organs of departed loved ones are now fearful of doing so lest the assorted livers, kidneys and hearts be wasted.

One hospital source tells the paper that many humans offering donation seek the reassurance that their organs will not be given to an alcoholic.

In Best’s defence is his agent, Phillip Hughes, who has a few words for the good doctor, via the Mail: ”What the doctor has to realise is that George is an alcoholic, which is a disease in itself.

”Even if you replace someone’s liver, it doesn’t stop the craving for alcohol.”

Like us, we’re sure the doctor is grateful for such an invaluable insight. But we’ll more grateful if Mr Hughes just joins our donor drive.

Perhaps he’d like to begin with his tongue…’

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