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by | 16th, December 2003

‘HAVING viewed the epitome of modern-day celebrity in all its gilded talent, we now take a gander at a pretender to Posh’s throne.

Natasha denied that her baby already had an eating disorder

And that means an interview with Natasha Hamilton, the ultra-thin one from Atomic Kitten. Okay, the ultra-ultra thin one.

Like Posh, Tash is thin. And nothing at all like Posh, Tash has had her breasts augmented by the surgeon’s knife and some bags of yielding yet firm-to-the-touch gel.

And like Posh she has given birth to a boy. His name’s Joshua. And like Posh, she was upset about all the digs about her weight.

”They were having digs about my weight,” says Tash (do we lie?). ”It made me feel down, so I went to see a doctor.”

And he said she had post-natal depression.

This is a nasty thing to get, and Tash plays it like a trump card. ”In yer face, all you who did me down,” she seems to say. ”I’ve got a recognised medical condition.”

And she combated it, not by drugs and therapy but by a simple home-spun remedy: ”I took time out, I chilled out.”

And the weight was piled back on? Well, not exactly. Tash is now the same size as she was before she had the aforesaid Josh.

”The only difference is I haven’t got the muscle I used to have, because, since I had him, I haven’t had time to go to the gym and work my muscles back up,” explains Tash.

”I’m going to do that before the tour.”

It’s the kind of lifestyle that any mother can relate to. Any mother like the mother of all stick-thin celebrities – Posh Spice…’

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