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Posh Nosh

by | 16th, December 2003

‘BEHIND you! Behind you! Behind YOU!!!!!

The face that launched a thousand products

Too late! Just as Natasha Hamilton has finished talking about how painful it is to talk about her weight, Posh is back.

This time, she’s in the kitchen, cooking up a storm for her husband, a footballer.

Posh smiles in that way that you suppose her teeth will part and a small black tongue will poke out, wagging slightly, a droplet of saliva dripping off its tip.

Of course, Posh is not really cooking. It’s all a sham. The shots are from an advert for a Japanese cosmetic company. And OK! has seen the ad and kindly translated the script.

Day-vid: ”You’re looking tasty today, Victoria.”

Posh smiles.

Day-vid: ”Mmm, you’re looking better by the minute.”

Posh: ”What’s happening to me?”

What’s happening is that her ”dowdy outfit” of jeans and T-shirt (see her ”signature outfit” earlier in OK!) is being magically transformed into an ”extremely revealing cutaway creation”.

Day-vid smiles.

Millions of Japanese women then dash out to try and look like Posh so that they too can a) look like Posh or b) snare a millionaire, blonde footballing husband.

Make your choice…now!’

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