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Forces Majeure

by | 17th, December 2003

‘THE tidal change brought about by Pop Idol’s Michelle McManus’ high dive into the showbiz deep end has yet to reach all corners of the pool of fame.

”We’ll not meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when…”

The proof of her ability to alter the appearance of showbiz will be in the eating of the full-fat pudding.

But we suspect that that when Michelle one day goes out to entertain the troops in some war zone, she will not behave as Nell McAndrew has done.

Such is the upset caused by the model’s antics that the story of her visit to the troops in the Gulf makes it to the esteemed front page of the Mirror.

Having arrived at her base in Iraq, the “unofficial forces sweetheart” took one look at her billet and turned tail.

“This is unacceptable,” she is said to have told her hosts. “There is no way I’m staying here.”

‘Stop The War’ and ‘Not In My Name’ types will doubtless cheer heartily at this juncture.

They might suppose that McAndrew’s refusal is born of her anti-imperialist leanings. She’ll go and only return when Iraq is returned to the Iraqi people. Hurrah!

But they would be wrong. Because McAndrew shows little or no signs of acknowledging the locals and of having any view other than that of the chemical toilet, her VIP tent and the communal washing area.

On seeing her quarters, McAndrew duly refused to remain at the camp at Basra International Airport a moment longer and demanded to be instantly flown back to the splendour of her luxury hotel in Kuwait.

A captain involved in this aborted publicity stunt tells the Mail how furious he is.

“I’m sorry,” says he. “This is the Army and this is a theatre of operations.”

He then administers the lethal blow: “You didn’t get this behaviour with Dame Vera Lynn.”

You did not. But nor did you get a full shot of her naked arse. So think on…’

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