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Sour Grapes

by | 18th, December 2003

‘AFTER pages of depravity, readers of the Sun still get to hear about what Posh Spice is getting up to.

Posh knew she had her work cut out if she was to become a redcoat”

The paper thinks this clearly matters, and we learn that ”flash” Victoria bought £25,000 worth of designer gear in a two-hour shopping spree.

We also learn that she and her pet Day-vid have ”got past being hugely extravagant” and all she expects, nay, wants for Christmas are pyjamas, dressing gowns and slippers.

This is some news since we believe she craves the oxygen of publicity and talent. But slippers it is.

And if Santa would grant her one more wish it would be to cure the one thing she hates most about living in Spain.

”The only thing they can’t get right here,” says Posh in a TV interview watched by the Mirror, ”is the grapes because they all have pips in.”

On the bright side, those troublesome pips can make eating just one grape last a few hours – or the length of what we commoners call a meal…’

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