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A Total Eclipse Of The Heart

by | 18th, December 2003

‘POSH should worry less about her grapes and more about her precarious position on the pop star perch.

”I am the walrus…”

Come the end of Saturday’s Pop Idol final, La Posh could have been bounced off it by the arrival of Michelle McManus.

So much has been said about the Glaswegian wannabe’s weight that even the Sun can bear it no longer and simply leads its story of her visit to the paper’s offices by referring to her as ”big-hearted Michelle”.

She’s also big-thighed, big-hipped and generously shouldered, but the heart is what matters in this contest to grab the watching and voting public’s, er, hearts.

And Michelle is laying it on thick. If she wins, she says she will pay off her mum and dad’s mortgage.

And like a true diplomat, she plays down her chances of victory and talks about the opposition, one Mark Taylor, calling him ”fantastic”.

”He’s such a personality,” she says.

You might well scratch your heads – this is the same Mark who was only yesterday the ”boring Brummie”, but who today is more effervescent than a baked bean addict in a Jacuzzi.

But these are side issues. The winner will be the contestant who can sing the best and is blessed with the most talent.

If you doubt that, just ask Posh…’

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