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A New Carr

by | 19th, December 2003

‘SUCH is the desire in the media to portray Maxine Carr as a new Myra Hindley that anyone wishing to enter next year’s Turner Prize would be well advised simply to adapt Marcus Harvey’s artwork, which formed the centrepiece of the Royal Academy’s Sensation exhibition a few years back.

Maxine wasn’t happy with her new look

The only trouble is that by that time Carr may well have a new face, with the Express relishing the idea that she may have to undergo hours of painful surgery to avoid being recognised on the street.

What is more, we the taxpayer will be expected to pick up the £20,000 bill.

And well we might grumble if the cosmetic surgeon does as bad a job as suggested by the paper’s computer generated image of what she might look like.

In fact, according to the Express, there appears to be a real danger that Carr could end up looking like Michael Jackson, which is definitely a case of out of the frying pan and into a very hot fire.

The Star reports that Jacko is facing seven charges of sexually assaulting a cancer-stricken schoolboy and, if found guilty, could face 24 years in prison.

Even if he is not found guilty, the singer’s career has been effectively finished by this latest allegation – and the papers are happy to oblige in delivering the last rites.

For instance, the Star illustrates the story with a picture of a bed, a perfectly innocent bed such as might grace any bedroom in America.

However, this bed was apparently ”found in a concealed room in Neverland” – and so, in the paper’s eyes, is just further proof of Jacko’s guilt.

Back to Carr, however, and the Mail decides that, whatever the court has ruled with regard to her innocence in the murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, it knows better.

While Melanie Phillips blames – yawn, yawn – the catastrophic breakdown of parental responsibility for Ian Huntley’s appalling crimes, Colin Wilson tells us why he thinks Huntley and Carr are the new Brady and Hindley.

What basis Wilson has for his theory, other than it makes an easy headline, is not explained, but it doesn’t stop him suggesting that ”Carr had played the same willing role as Hindley” and both women showed similar characteristics of being dominated by their ”aggressive and manipulative” partners.

Both men were also called Ian and both women’s first name starts with the letter M. Make of that what you will…’

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