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Diana – The Truth

by | 19th, December 2003

‘WHY anyone thinks the inquest into Princess Diana’s death, which will start in the New Year, will uncover the truth about the fatal car crash six years we don’t know.

Diana had a strange feeling she was being followed

Does Mohammed Fayed think that Prince Philip will finally break down and make a dramatic confession that it was him who was driving the mysterious Fiat Uno that night?

Will MI6 or Mossad or the CIA or whoever is damn well supposed to have killed her suddenly crack under questioning from a coroner and admit that, yes, she was bumped off?

Or, rather like the Warren Commission report into JFK’s death, will the inquest conclude that Diana died as many sadly die every day as the victim of a car crash?

The Mirror is in no doubt that we will now hear ”the truth – at last”, although this presumably depends on what truth you want to hear.

It has a list of 10 questions that need answering, including ‘Had she taken drugs?’ and ‘Was she possibly pregnant?’.

The Express, however, has its own 15 key questions that need answering, none of which concern Diana’s drug-taking or possible pregnancy.

They are ‘What brand of sunglasses was the Princess wearing on the night of the fatal crash?’, ‘Did she have the duck or the lamb at the Ritz that night?’ and ‘Why wasn’t the Princess wearing her usual brand of lipstick?’.

We look forward to being able to get to the bottom of those – and many more – questions in the New Year.’

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