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A Freak Show

by | 19th, December 2003

‘IF Celine Dion can argue that she misheard ”shabby chic” and decided to turn up as mutton literally dressed as lamb, then what can we say about the freak show that is The Cheeky Girls?

A freakish pair

The sisters look like they have been put together by a not very competent surgeon from a random collection of spare (in both senses of the word) body parts found on an abattoir floor.

Worse, it looks like something happened to said surgeon before he could complete his project and Monica and Gabriela escaped the operating theatre before anyone could add the finishing touches.

We at Anorak do not profess to know what happened to the girls between then and the day they arrived on these shores, but we are tempted to believe reports that they tried to run off with a circus but they were chased out by Jo-Jo The Dog-Faced Boy, Anita The Living Doll and Hairy Mary From Borneo for being ”bloody freaks”.

We mention The Cheeky Girls only because Hello! has seen fit to include a picture of the two of them at the British Comedy Awards in this week’s magazine.

It also sees fit to include a picture of Jonathan Ross’s wife Jane Goldman and her freakish pair, which would certainly have turned a few heads.

And while on the subject of freakish pairs, Joan Collins and husband Percy Gibson were also there.

Why? We do not know.’

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