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Golden Balls

by | 22nd, December 2003

‘HOW the Aussies must be chuckling to themselves after the Sun sent a reporter Down Under to buy up all the balls used in the Rugby World Cup final last month.

The Sun reporter struggles to rip the ball off the Aussie

The paper doesn’t reveal just how much it paid for the four, but one imagines that it was considerably more than the $1,000 the owners had originally paid.

Indeed, the owner of the fourth ball Tony Woodward demanded that the Sun get him an equally famous ball as part of the deal.

Adolf Hitler’s missing testicle still being missing, that turned out to be two balls – one from the Australia v Argentina game (so famous that they were talking about if for all of two minutes after the final whistle) and one signed by the winning England team.

And with that the Sun returned home to a hero’s welcome – from itself.

One of the balls will be presented to Jonny Wilkinson, one to Martin Johnson, one to the national rugby museum at Twickenham and one to a lucky Sun reader.

After which, if the Aussies have any sense, four more official balls will mysteriously turn up and the Sun will once again strap itself in for the 12,000-mile flight.’

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