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by | 23rd, December 2003

‘SOUTH African backpackers don’t only go on about how life back ‘home’ is soooo much better than it is in Blighty and how awful Britain is. Not always.

Some backpackers would do anything for cheap accommodation

Sometimes they break their diatribe against all things British to tell you about an adventure they had while in some paradise idyll.

Their preamble about Andre’s madcap sense of fun is less memorable than the denouement, when Hans, Andre’s best mate, is captured by local bandits and eaten – flag and all!

This story does not make it onto FIVE’s Backpackers’ Nightmares (8pm), but others do.

There are the stories of hotel fires, shark attacks, killer weather (hurricanes; whirlwinds; typhoons), terrorist bombs, robbers, burglars and muggers.

For the youth that stomp around the globe with a carbuncle strapped to their backs such tales foster a renewed sense of adventure.

For those that make it only as far as Britain’s big cities, the tales make good telling – as they pull pints of gassy bear…’

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