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A Nation Of Sickos

by | 5th, January 2004

‘WE at Anorak are very excited to read on the Mail’s front page that at any one time six million Brits are officially too sick to work.

Let’s all laugh at Dave – the only Brit in work today

Our readership figures have been going through the roof of late and now we would like to thank you, the sick, for forgoing the delights of another day in the call centre to read our humble magazine.

Thank you.

The study by experts in Sheffield Hallam University found that 166 million sick days are taken each year – equivalent to 6.8 days for every employee.

And if you want to join the masses of Anorak fans and other idle swine, the advice is to call up your boss and claim to be too stressed to work.

This should entitle your to few days of idling in your Anorak Comfi-Slax while perusing the pages of this esteemed publication.

It might also lead you to losing your job, your home and your family. But we believe that’s a small price to pay for what we do.’

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