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Space Hoppers

by | 5th, January 2004

‘IS it any coincidence that, at a time when the United States and its ally, the United Kingdom, are under the greatest terrorist threat in their history, they should both be launching expeditions to Mars?

A one-hit wonder?

Indeed, the suspicious among us might conclude that with their popularity on Earth at a low ebb (particularly in the Arab world), President Bush and Tony Blair are looking to Outer Space for a bolt-hole (and one with slightly more space than Saddam Hussein’s last hiding place).

The Guardian reports that Osama Bin Laden has released yet another audiotape urging Muslims to rise up against American forces in Iraq and disparaging the Middle East roadmap to peace.

And although he promises to chase the Americans and their allies wherever they are in the world, interestingly he makes no mention of Mars or indeed any other planet.

Indeed, you might have the feeling that you’ve heard the tape before, featuring as it does Bin Laden banging on about ”the jihad to check the conspiracies hatched against the Islamic nation”.

Someone should tell the Al Qaeda leader that it is not enough to repackage the same old monotonous rubbish and release it every couple of months.

Then again, it works for Westlife…’

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