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Dress For Success

by | 5th, January 2004

‘HANDS up, those of you who have joined a gym already this year. And hands up, those of you who are still going. That’s one of you, then.

Zoe puts her little black dress through its paces

Much better to save your money and spend it on one of the new ‘keep fit’ videos out.

And if you don’t fancy dancing with Jade Goody, doing Pilates with Fern Britton or modelling your new self on Anne Diamond, then can we recommend Zoe Lucker’s Little Black Dress Workout?

It is, in the words of no less a judge than OK!, ”a real workout for real women” – the worrying implication being that neither Jade, Fern or Ann are real women.

But what exactly is ”a little black dress workout”? We’re sure Jane Fonda used to wear a leotard when she started the ‘keep fit’ trend all those years ago.

And, although we at Anorak don’t pretend to be experts in this particular genre, we would suggest that even now a good pair of plimsolls, a pair of white polyester shorts and a T-shirt that is two sizes too small is far more practical (if not aesthetically pleasing) exercise gear than a little black dress.

Having said that, it appears that Zoe herself knows next to nothing about working out, having been to the gym but twice in the past seven years and, by her own admission, never having been big on exercise.

And, as that hasn’t stopped her from producing her own exercise video, neither will the fact that we don’t know a treadmill from a pepper mill stop us.

Ladies and gentlemen, can we humbly present Anorak’s Spanking Good Workout – ”S&M for the Eminem generation” (The Face), ”Wearing a nappy has never been so much fun” (Good Parenting) and ”I was red raw for days” (Jamie Theakston).’

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