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Picture Perfect

by | 6th, January 2004

‘DID you know that two-thirds of girls under the age of 13 are on a diet? No, not a diet of crisps, hooch and morning after pills, but one of lo-fat foods and lashings of protein.

And here’s one we made earlier

The Express has looked at a survey in a teenage girl’s magazine and found that a quarter of 14-year-olds are considering having plastic surgery or taking diet pills.

The reasoning behind the lust for a thin frame is that, as the Star reports, nine out of ten British girls think stick-thin women pull the best men.

This is fine until you and they realise that pencil-thin Calista Flockhart dates aging Harrison Ford and that Victoria Beckham is a vision of healthy eating, blessed as she is with plump non-surgically enhanced breasts and a backside the size and texture of a ripe mango.

But it’s no use talking to the young, so the Sun just illustrates the story with pictures. It uses computer imagery to produce the ideal babe.

The resulting chimera has Rachel Stevens’ face, Christine Aguilera’s boobs and tummy, Britney Spears’ arms, Jennifer Lopez’s bottom and the legs of Beyonce Knowles.

The runner-up has Pink’s face, Kelly Osbourne’s legs and the frame of our very own Michelle McManus.

In third place is Vanessa Feltz…’

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