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Di – Another Day

by | 6th, January 2004

‘PRINCE Charles, James Hewitt, Oliver Hoare, James Gilbey, Hasnat Khan, Will Carling, Bryan Adams, Dodi Fayed… The surprise is not that tonight’s Channel 4 documentary Di’s Guys should be spread over two nights, but that it should be spread over only two nights.

Spencer For Hire

But this is, of course, not a prurient examination of Princess Diana’s often colourful sex life, but a serious look at her relationship with men and the sense of betrayal that pervaded her life from childhood right up to her death seven years ago.

Or at least that’s what the programme makers would have us believe. The title of the programme would suggest otherwise, as would the fact that it is in the 9pm slot, which has in the past featured such shows as Liz Hurley’s Brains.

After the mawkish outpouring of national grief in the aftermath of her death, Diana rather disappeared from our consciousness (no doubt partly because of our embarrassment at the collective nervous breakdown).

But she seems to have been making something of a comeback in recent months, aided by Paul Burrell and his horrible little book and the news that there is at last to be an inquest into her death.

We fear Di’s Guys won’t be the last programme of its type this year.’

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