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Becoming A Cropper

by | 8th, January 2004

‘YOU see soap operas are not only barometers of the national psyche (it says in this old press release for Albion Market) but they have a profound influence on how we live our lives.

”Anorak? Never read it”

It cannot have escaped anyone’s notice that ever since EastEnders slunk onto our screens, people from Hull to Hereford have been speaking with reedy Estuary English accents.

Other changing fashions have been instigated by Coronation Street. Millions of us now have babies at 13 and seek to kill old folk with a well-placed pillow over the face.

But just as these positives are much in evidence, so too are the negatives, and the Star uses its front page to discuss Hayley Cropper’s anorak.

Coronation Street’s Hayley looks so sexually unappealing in her red anorak (her sex change from Harold has made her a bisexual turn-off) that Dorothy Perkins, who make the jacket, have dropped it form their stores.

The Express takes up the story and hears how women owners of the garment actually wrote to Julie Hesmondhalgh (the actress who plays Hayley) begging her to stop wearing the thing because people were calling them Hayley.

Says Julie: ”I can’t believe all the controversy the anorak has sparked, it’s unbelievable.”

We, of course, know how controversial an Anorak can be and salute Julie for her brave stance and offer her a 10% discount on our eternally popular Comfi-Slax range of A-line skirts and anoraks for the fuller figured woman.’

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