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Time Is Money

by | 9th, January 2004

‘IT’S too late to warn Lucy Pinder, who is already in France, but we hope that we can do a public service to some others thinking about taking a trip to the continent.

Warning: This money is worthless

The Express has a story about father-of-three Graham Nicolas who went to Greece in search of sun, sea and Shirley Valentine.

Unluckily for him, before he made the trip he made an earlier jaunt to the Post Office to pick up some euros.

And it’s lucky he did because he needed 3,000 of them to pay his way out of a Greek jail when he was nicked for passing off counterfeit currency.

“I am an innocent man who became a victim of a flawed system,” says Nicolas, who faces the prospect of a lengthy sentence for fraud.

He claims that the fake notes were given to him at the Post Office. He’s adamant that he’s the victim of a corrupt system and plans to fight for his freedom.

An as soon as he’s posted a letter of complaint to the Post Office, and affixed the stamp with its picture of James Hewitt in profile, he’ll move one step closer to clearing his name.’

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