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Calling Time

by | 9th, January 2004

‘STREWTH! After a day of hard yakka in temperatures of 100F, our Australian friends like nothing better than to blow the froth of a coldie.

‘Closed until Australia wins at sport’

But for the residents of Marble Bar, a small hamlet 900 miles north of Perth which is the country’s hottest town, that is no longer such an easy task.

The Telegraph reports that a dispute at the weekend has caused the temporary managers of the town’s only pub, the century-old Ironclad Hotel, to shoot through.

And the result is that Marble Bar (where temperatures in summer regularly reach 110F and which once had 160 consecutive days above 100F) is now a town without a pub.

Anyone wanting a drop of the old amber nectar faces a 200-mile round trip to the nearest pub in Port Hedland.

The licensees are believed to be on holiday in Ireland, but no-one is quite sure when they will be back and when the beer will start flowing again.

Greg Lafranchi, manager of the Traveller’s Stop café, says: “There’ll be quite a few people pounding on the door when it re-opens.”

Just like a normal Monday morning, then.’

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